Wonderstripes - Wrinkle Reducing Decollette Pad


Wrinkle Reducing Décolletage Pad – loose wrinkles while sleeping!
Wrinkle silicone chest pad - instantly reduces & smoothes decolletage wrinkles

Silicone chest pad with instant lifting effect to reduce chest, cleavage and décolletage wrinkles. Loose your wrinkles while you sleep!

The silicone pad stabilizes the delicate décolletage area while you sleep. The chest pad hinders the décolletage skin to scrunch together through sleeping on the side and also reduces wrinkles caused through ageing or sun damage. Also suitable for scaring.

100% medical grade silicone - no other additives - hypoallergenic

Net Weight: 1 reusable pad

Directions: When sleeping with the décolletage pad, your skin is supported and held in its place, so that no scrunching or wrinkling of the skin can occur. Everything stays in its place as it should!  Silicone keeps the skin hydrated. 

Silicone is widely used in the medical field to treat scarring and other skin conditions. The silicone pad prevents dehydration of the skin due to transepidermal water loss. The silicone locks in the skin's natural hydration and skin will feel instantly smooth and soft again.

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