ReVive Light Therapy

reVive Light Therapy Lip Care — Naturally Fuller Lips

$99 $129

LED Lip Wrinkle and Plumping Treatment

AS SEEN IN HEALTH, VOGUE, & INSTYLE MAGAZINES.  Experience fuller, and sexier looking lips with reVive Light Therapy® Lip Care. 2018 NewBeauty® magazine award winner. The reVive Light Therapy® Wrinkle Reduction and Lip Plumping system is a clinically-proven solution that makes the lips look and feel more Youthful. The red LED lights naturally help to stimulate and build collagen in the lips to help tackle fine lines, wrinkles, loss of firmness, and elasticity while increasing circulation to reveal a fuller more youthful lip.

Reduce Fine Lines and Stimulate Collagen

• Reduction and prevention of lip wrinkles/creases, stimulation of collagen production, increased circulation resulting in more youthful and plump lips
• Powerful red and Infrared Light stimulates skin healing and recovery effects
• 56 Powerful LED Lights (14 amber, 14 light red, 14 red and 14 Infrared)
• Anti-aging effects include wrinkle/line reduction and prevention
• FDA-cleared, OTC Class II medical device
• LED lights cover a large treatment area
• Skin tone and color enhancement
• Safe and natural with no side effects
• Medically proven, clinically tested
• 3 minute treatment time


• Lip Device
• User guide
• USB cord
• Storage bag


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