NO 9 Bask

N O 9 Bask - 99 Percent Pure Copulins Spray (1.05 Oz.) - White Label

Gold Label for Men Attracting Women

White Label for Women Attracting Men

Spray on the 1.2 year supply of the “Scent of all Scents”. The ultimate home or travel portable device. N ° 9 BASK copulins are an Elite Fashion Accessory. They create the highest state of sexual euphoria known to man. So intense they can become mind controlling and last for days. At a staggering 98.8% pure our copulins will excite and entice any man or any woman individually or both genders at the same time! N ° 9 BASK copulins due to their nature can become pleasurably and sexually addictive. Use sparingly. All bottles are hand crafted and made in Milan, Italy.

1.2 year [420] applications

Net Weight: 1.05 oz. Ingredients: Alcohol Denat., Fragrance, Water.

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