Do Kiss And Tell

Do Kiss And Tell - The Lipscrub Brush


Have dry, chapped or flaky lips ever prevented you from looking your best and usually at the wrong time, before a big date, night out or special event?

Do Kiss & Tell™ introduces The LipScrub Brush®, The World’s First Lip Exfoliating Beauty Brush™ The Original Non-Surgical Lip Plumper™ so that you can kiss your dry, chapped or flaky lips goodbye!

Pair this 3-in-1 activated charcoal exfoliating brush with your favorite lip balm, lip scrub product, DIY scrub or use it alone, dry brushing. This beauty brush gives you the highest grade of exfoliation while simultaneously plumping!

Prepare your pout for long-lasting lip liners, lip glosses, lip stains, lipsticks and mattes with the perfect flake-free canvas. Flake Free Lips are just a click away. Get yours now!



Step 1 DIP wet hex applicator brush into exfoliant.

Step 2 APPLY exfoliant onto surface of lips with hex app brush.

Step 3 SCRUB top & bottom lip with hex and 180˚, then outer corners with 180˚ 180˚ & outlining/cupid’s bow with linear.

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