Alkaglam - Mineral Facial Mist - Vitamin C


The Alkaglam was recently featured in Allure, Yahoo and selected as a nominee for the indie beauty awards. The Alkaglam holds a patent because it is the first refillable facial mist, it just needs filtered water.The water mixes with mineral beads inside of the device, to create a mist that tightens and hydrates the skin. The Alkaglam replicates the healing properties of the springs of Lourdes, France, the formula contains calcium, magnesium, tourmaline. it naturally creates hydrogen, which has been tested to improve the appearance of wrinkles and produce collagen in the skin, The spray moisturizes and hydrates, relieving dry skin, revitalizing it to make the skin appear more radiant and youthful. The spray is also useful as a makeup setting spray. The Hydrogen water is very beneficial for UV-induced skin cell damage.


  • Moisturize and hydrate
  • Relieves dry skin
  • Hydrogen water is shown to be very beneficial for UV induced skin cell damage
  • Creates a pH balance on your skin
  • Revitalizes the skin to make it appear more radiant and youthful Makeup setting spray
  • Infused with vitamin C ceramic mineral


We use a mix of O-Dobi beads which consist of a powder extracted from its crystal form. The mineral tourmaline triggers a warming effect to increase the production of new collagen and the contraction of fibers, thus restoring the springiness of skin.


Saving money is always important. With our competitors, you have to constantly repurchase mineral sprays, which can get costly over time. For the cost of 85 dollars for up to year, you are saving yourself hundreds as well as helping reduce waste with Alkaglam.

Animal Cruelty Free Product

US PATENT#15247657

Net Weight: 30 ml / 1.6 fl. oz.

Directions: Just add filtered water to activate mineral facial mist. Use daily to moisturize. Refillable up to a year.

Ingredients: Magnesium, Tourmaline, Antibacterial, Vitamin C.

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