Anti-Aging Beauty Secrets

Made with the highest quality of ingredients, Wonderstripes creates beauty products under the most stringent dermatological testing. Their products, which include Starter-Set (Facial Tonic & Trialpack S+M+L), a variety of eye lifting beauty tapes, Facial Tonic for Face, Neck & Décolletage, Instant Glow Hydrogel Eye Pads, Hyaluron Bio-Cellulose Face Masks, Metallic Fashion Tattoos and Age Correct Hand Masks.

A Quick Non-Surgical Solution for Hooded Eyes

The Instant Eye Lift allows for the instant appearance of more youthful and toned eyelids to help lift hooded eyes and allow eyes to appear more awake, wider and focused. To use, clean eyes first with the Pre-application Cleanser. Then, strategically place an eyelift tape on each eyelid.

Natural Hydrogel Pads for Eyes

Hydrogel Pads for Eyes contain cornflower, Hamamelis, D-Panthenol and Eyeliss® to relieve eye inflammation, provide antioxidants to the eyes, soothe irritated skin, support skin regeneration, decrease the look of dark circles, decrease wrinkles, moisturize eyes and treat tear sacs to decrease swelling. The Hydrogel Pads for Eyes does not contain artificial colors, mineral oil, synthetic fragrances, amines and silicones.

Nourishing Sheet Mask for Face

The Hyaluron Booster Mask with biocellulose is infused with hyaluronic acid, collagen, biocellulose, aloe vera, minerals and amino acids. This sheet mask works to smooth wrinkles, invigorate skin, create an instant facelift, improve skin tone, increase moisture retention and give the face a healthy glow. You can apply it as is or you can apply it after placing it in the fridge for refreshing coolness.

Wrinkle-Reducing Décolletage Pad

Wear the Wrinkle Reducing Décolletage Pad at night before sleeping to have fewer wrinkles on the chest, décolletage and cleavage in the morning. Repetitive folding of the skin causes wrinkles to form. Keeping the skin taut and smooth can help it to fill out and produce fewer wrinkles. However, it also works on wrinkles that are caused by sun damage.

You don't have to put up with wrinkles, and instant cures exist to help in a pinch. Get this quick solution today.

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