Scientifically-Proven, Allergy-Free Skin Care

VMV HYPOALLERGENICS® is the only brand rate products upon the basis of hypoallergenicity. The founder of VMV HYPOALLERGENICS® is a dermatologist/dermatopathologist. A dermatopathologist doesn't only make a diagnosis based on the appearance of skin but looks at skin cells at a microscopic level to make a more accurate diagnosis. Their products are scientifically proven to deliver the results they claim they will. If even one ingredient within any of their products becomes known as an allergen, they change the formula. In addition, every tool used on the skin is patch tested for skin safety. They offer a number of products for everyone of every age.

Validated for Skin Safety

Grandma Minnie's Kid Gloves Monolaurin Moisturizing Hand Gel carries a VH rating of -109/109. Coconut-derived monolaurin and green tea help to protect delicate skin. In addition, monolaurin is a natural disinfectant, is antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral and antiprotozoal substance, which is just as effective as 70 percent isopropyl alcohol without its drying effects.

The Red Better Daily Calming Moisturizer carries a VH rating of -109/109 and helps to calm the skin's inflammation and provide beneficial antioxidants. This moisturizer also contains monolaurin to keep germs at bay.

The Essence Skin-Saving Superwash & Body Shampoo has a VH rating of -109/109 and offers superior two-in-one all-over clean that is gentle for the entire family. Save time in the morning or at night lathering in this goodness. It effectively clears all residue from the hair and body without causing dryness.


Your health and your family's health is important. You can't risk anything less than the best. VMV's products are scientifically proven and medically recommended to take care of your entire family. It's time to experience real results.

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