Effective Handheld Anti-Aging Devices

Trophy Skin’s philosophy about life is living life well. When you don’t have to worry about covering up your skin or having complicated skincare routines, you are free to live a better quality of life, and you are more confident as a result. Your morning skincare routine sets the tone for the rest of your day and influences how you live your life. With simplified daily practices, you have more time to pursue the things you love. With affordable results, you can decrease wrinkles, eradicate blemishes, remove dead skin cells on the surface of the skin and in pores, decrease pore size, reverse aging effects, reverse sun damage, reverse rosacea, regrow hair, grow thicker hair and more.

Perform Microdermabrasion at Home With MicrodermMD

Premature aging occurs from sun damage, repetitive folding of the skin, increased pore size from acne, lack of collagen production and from other causes. Using microdermabrasion, which includes diamond-tip and vacuum technologies, you can safely abrade your skin and remove it with suction. During a six-week study on women between the ages of 35 and 55 (with a median age of 40), they showed significant results using the MicrodermMD two to three times per week. At the end of the study, participants found a reduction in solar lentigines (liver spots) by 90 percent, hyperpigmentation (e.g. melasma) by 85 percent, diffuse erythema (skin reddening) by 100 percent, diffuse telangiectasia (permanent capillary dilation) by 100 percent, nasolabial wrinkles by 85 percent, periorbital wrinkles by 85 percent, neck and chest wrinkles by 85 percent and forehead wrinkles by 75 percent.

Reverse Skin Damage with RejuvaliteMD Light Therapy

Light therapy is a non-invasive and painless form of therapy designed to increase collagen production, treat acne, decrease rosacea and increase circulation. Light therapy involves using four different lightwaves that penetrate into the skin’s layers to create a variety of results. For instance, red light stimulates cellular activity and collagen. This decreases wrinkles and fine lines. Blue light works to kill acne bacteria from within the skin. Yellow light assists with the reduction of redness, UV damage, irritation and rosacea. Infrared light penetrates deeper into the skin’s layers and works to increase circulation, promote healing and relieve pain.

Achieve Real Results With an Ultrasonic Skin Spatula

Ultrasonic technology penetrates the skin’s layers to deliver 1MHz to 5MHz of energy and heat to promote healthy and more youthful skin and hair cells. It can be used on the face and all over the body. Ultrasound helps to encourage blood flow, decrease dead skins cells, assist with skin turnover, encourage collagen production, decrease cellulite, decrease pore size, create thicker hair and regrow hair as well. In addition to an ultrasonic device’s amazing abilities, it helps to deliver products deep within the skin to achieve maximum results.

With all of life's demands, you need simple methods of skin, hair and body care that are designed to create an impact. It's time to take action today.

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