Formulated for Emotional Well-Being

According to Amy Cohen’s biography, "She [formulates] an all-natural mind & positivity line of sprays and body care infused with a specific blend of flower remedies to enhance positivity, joy and success.” Amy is a practitioner and consultant for emotional and mental health. Through the use of flowers found in a variety of locations in the world, Amy creates natural wellness formulas that can help to increase the quality of life by helping with anxiety, joy, meditation and success. These sprays can help people to experience a happier life with more confidence and to excel in general. She also carries a line for love and romance.

The Benefits of Flower Essences

Flower remedies are hugely popular and also go by the name “botanical therapy”. Based on flower essences, they are currently used in 25 percent of all medicine. Flower remedies can be used for many ailments from autism to anxiety or any time life throws something negative your way. Emotional and mental wellness is deeply tied to physical health and vice versa. Flower essences were first developed in the 1930s by an English physician, Dr. Edward Bach and continue to be a popular method to promote emotional well-being.

Wellness Sprays to the Rescue

I Am Awesome! is a body spray to help boost confidence, increase self-esteem, and help the wearer stand up for themselves and to believe and trust in their inner voice.

Aid for the Anxious helps to calm nerves and scary, negative thoughts, it also helps to calm anxiety, promote tranquility, stay calm in turbulent times and deal with a variety of phobias.

Success! body spray helps to relieve stress, have the ability to think calmly to get things done, have confidence, be persistent, get organized and the ability to take control of situations.

Meditation body spray helps to calm the mind and prevent thoughts from looping around, allowing the wearer to sleep because they're able to calm their mind. It can help you connect to a higher source, provide psychic protection, clear away mental and spiritual blocks and promote overall positivity.

Joy and Happiness body spray is designed to increase playfulness, increase a sense of joy, increase enthusiasm, provide uplifting feelings and thoughts and enjoy life more and stay in the moment.

For Men Only is a body spray designed to balance the energy of men, provide comfort, relieve stress, boost self-assurance, increase self-confidence and increase playfulness.

Enhance Love and Romance

Spicy Adventures contains a mixture of Roman chamomile, cardamom and clary sage to help increase the feeling of love and intimacy. It can help to increase bonds and playfulness, promote a carefree and happy feeling, renew sexual forces and gain spiritual strength.

Romance Rescue is a body spray designed to increase love and intimacy, feel feminine and help assist in forgiving others. It also helps you to let go of resentment, help to express feelings, be committed and feel more dedicated to relationship goals.

Re-ignite Your Fire body spray helps to increase passion, renew interest, assist in communication, increase libido, increase trust, increase in sexual enjoyment, increase emotional intimacy and promote closeness.

Love Potion No2 is a body spray designed to encourage the wearer to have an interest in pursuing a new relationship, feel confident, release negative past experiences, help to trust again, be open to expressive feeling as well as being open to feeling and giving love again.

Sensual Self spray is a body spray designed to help the wearer feel sexy, confident, encourage feelings of love and bonding, be open to sexual enjoyment, feel feminine, be open-minded, be more playful and the ability to acknowledge inner and outer beauty.

If you’ve been having problems in any area of your life, these powerful and natural body sprays can help you to experience a more positive outlook on life.

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