Get the Benefits of Rejuvenating Light Waves at Home

ReVive Light Therapy uses Deep Penetrating Light (dpl®) technology, which was initially created by NASA for astronauts. The company creates handheld devices that are designed to provide this light technology in order to produce collagen and elastin, eradicate acne bacteria, decrease fine lines and wrinkles and repair the body's cells in general. Light therapy is suitable for all skin types. Different colors of light waves chosen within the machine aim at specific treatments.

Infrared Helps to Regenerate Collagen and Elastin

Infrared light helps to regenerate the skin. Infrared light also helps to create fibroblasts deep within the skin to generate collagen and elastin. Both collagen and elastin work to prevent and decrease fine lines and wrinkles. They also help to plump up the skin and provide a more youthful appearance. Blue light assists with killing acne bacteria deep within the skin, which can help to clear up acne that never reaches the surface.

Anti-Aging Red Light Wavelength Decreases Hyperpigmentation and Wrinkles

Infrared and deep red light therapy help to reduce acne and sun hyperpigmentation to reveal brighter skin that has better skin tone. By a person's mid-twenties, the dermis begins to thin out, and collagen and elastin steadily decrease. This gets in the way of moisture retention within the epidermis. The hypodermis begins to lose fat, which causes the skin to start to sag. Light therapy penetrates deep within the dermis, helping to promote collagen and elastin, to prevent wrinkles and to reverse them. Collagen helps to hold skin cells together while elastin helps skin return back to its original state. Without both, skin can wrinkle as it repeatedly folds.

Also, red light therapy increases circulation releases adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which provides energy to skin cells. Yellow light penetrates the outer layers of skin and treats conditions like rosacea, sunburns, inflammation, swelling and redness. It also works to reduce waste in the lymphatic system.

These products help to reverse the effects of aging:

  • dpl® Nuve Wrinkle Reduction System
  • dpl® II—Professional Anti-Aging Light Therapy
  • LookBook—Anti-Aging Light Therapy
  • Soniqué™ Anti-Aging LED Sonic Cleansing System
  • Essentials—Wrinkle Reduction & Anti-Aging
  • Lip Care — assists with fuller and younger-looking lips
  • dpl® Oral Care—For Healthy Teeth & Gums, teeth whitening

These devices are anti-aging and also help with acne:

  • dpl® IIa—Professional Anti-Aging and Acne Treatment Light Therapy
  • Soniqué™ Acne LED Sonic Cleansing System
  • Clinical—Wrinkle Reduction & Anti-Aging.

Ground-Breaking Handheld Acne Treatment Device uses Blue Light

Acne forms from a blockage of skin pores in addition to acne bacteria. Blackheads are clogged pores that have been oxidized. Pores become clogged from sebum and dead skin cells, but other debris can cause a blockage as well. Blue light therapy helps to kill acne bacteria while red light helps to decrease the amount of sebum produced, decrease inflammation and relieve pressure on glands in the skin.

These handheld machines help to clear up acne and come in different sizes and strengths:

  • Essentials—Acne Treatment
  • dpl® Nuve—Professional Acne Treatment Light Therapy
  • Clinical—Acne Treatment
  • Spot™—Acne Treatment, portable.
  • Poof™—Acne Treatment is a portable form of blue light therapy to take on the go.

Light therapy makes taking care of your skin easy to do. Each time you use your chosen device, your skin will continue to be more clear, healthy and vibrant.

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