Treatments Developed for Real Results

Despite developing nail care and fingernail polish for 15 years, Shari Gottesman, still suffered the effects of brittle nails that would chip and peel. She wanted something that would help to make them stronger. Moreover, she knew she could make this a reality for everyone and not a select few. With this endeavor, she created a luxury nail care line. Despite having a number of years behind her in development, Shari knew that she needed to create something that was in a league of its own. She went back to the drawing board and came up with Perfect Formula to create real results any person would be pleased with.

Strengthen Your Nails While Looking Great Too

The Pink Gel Coat is unlike anything you’ve seen before. Imagine having French-tipped fingernails that are naturally strong within a matter of minutes. Despite the fact that this treatment goes on pink, it will make the tips of your nails whiter. It decreases the yellow look as it provides a hint of pink and keratin-rich formula to the nail bed. This protein-rich formula strengthens, protects and seals your nails. It dries within a minute. The Pink Gel Coat does not contain parabens, sulfates, phthalates or TPHP.

If you hate how your polish chips within a few days of a fresh manicure, this nail treatment is for you. The Manicure Booster helps to preserve the look of glossy nail polish and prevent it from chipping or wearing off. Use your Manicure Booster first and then apply fingernail polish after this. The polish adheres to the Manicure Booster to help prevent wear.

Get the most beautiful nails naturally in a matter of minutes with the most effective strengthening solution today!

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