For Men

No 9 Bask products for men are odorless and contain androstadienone, which has been found to affect women's moods and increase desire for sex. It also has been shown to increase focus in women, which leads to stronger orgasms. No 9 Bask with the blue label also contains oxytocin, which has positive effects on men who wear it and women who smell it. Oxytocin, also known as the "cuddle hormone" makes both women and men feel more loving toward one another and increases a desire to be intimate. However, this effect is only experienced with people who are considered to be a part of your "in group." Mix it with your favorite scent to create a pheromone cologne.

For Women

No 9 Bask products for women are odorless and contain estratetraenol and copulins, which have a positive effect on male arousal. No 9 Bask with the red label also contains oxytocin, which means that women who wear it will have a general loving feeling all throughout the day and experience better moods. For men smelling this pheromone perfume, it too will put them in a better mood, feel more loving and be more loving. Combine it with your favorite scent to create a pheromone perfume.

Baskworld Technologies produces the highest quality in pheromones in No 9 Bask products.
Other facts about No 9 Bask products:

• All No 9 Bask products come with a certificate of authenticity, expiration date and an analysis report
• No 9 Bask products do not have fillers, additives or oils
• No 9 Bask products can be used daily with cologne and perfume
• No 9 Bask products will last three days on the skin (or until washed with soap and water) and will last up to six days on clothing
• No 9 Bask products are hypoallergenic

How Pheromones Work

Think of how you feel when you smell a pleasant scent from the opposite sex. It might make you feel warm, happy and loving. This is because pheromones have been shown to raise levels of excitement and arousal in men and women. Androstadienone is used to elicit a response from women, and estratetraenol is used in women's perfume to elicit a response from men.

These pheromones are odorless and can be mixed into your favorite cologne or perfume. You might wonder how we pick up the scents of these pheromones if they are odorless. The vomeronasal organ (VNO) in the nose picks up the pheromone where it is transmitted to the hypothalamus, which is responsible for eliciting fear, love, aggression and sex drive. It has been shown to influence the responses of test subjects who either were more likely to identify a series of dots (in the form of a human walking) as either female or male according to the pheromones they smelled while watching the dots.

Copulins are produced by the vagina and are more present when a woman is most fertile. Men can pick up the smell of these copulins in the VNO. The scent is said to increase the perception of female attractiveness. They also make men feel more attractive to women. Oxytocin is the "cuddle hormone." Women typically make this hormone in higher amounts than men; however, men also produce the hormone during an orgasm or hugging. Men who are exposed to "cuddle hormone" before intercourse are said to have stronger orgasms.

Try it With Perfume or Cologne

Whether male or female, it's clear there are a multitude of benefits to wearing either No 9 Bask products for men or for women. Regardless of the impact you're trying to have, the studies clearly show enhanced moods, better self-esteem and a general feeling of love and happiness.

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