Everyone won big at the 60th Annual GRAMMYs ® when Inception of Beauty’s products were included in the gift bags. Their products were also included in the “Everyone Wins” Nominee Gift bags given out to the Oscar nominees.

Fabulous Diamond and Mink Lashes

  • Beauty Mink Lashes look natural and bold. They’re long and lustrous, but they are soft and wispy at the same time. People might not believe they're fake. All Inception of Beauty products are cruelty-free, which means these are faux mink but look real. To apply any of Inception of Beauty's false eyelashes, you will need to curl your lashes and put on one coat of mascara. This will help to give your faux eyelashes a shelf to rest on. Cut the false eyelashes to fit your eyes. Use adhesive to place your lashes on your eyes.
  • Poshe Mink Lashes offer a step up in the bold factor from the Beauty Mink Lashes. With thick lashes in alternating rows, this look is sure to cause attention to the eyes. These fake lashes will work to dramatically open up the eyes.
  • Diamond Lashes start off subtle on the inner corner of your eye and flare out into larger and more luscious lashes. You'll love lavishing your eyes with these Diamond Lashes.

Other Products to Die For

  • In the spirit of inclusion, Inception of Beauty's Glitter Eyeshadow Palette offers something for everyone. The pallet features 10 colors in all with half in shimmering colors and the other half in matte colors, which will allow you to play up your eyes as much as you want.
  • Glitz N Glimmer Eyeshadow Palette offers nine amazing shades of multidimensional sparkle. This eyeshadow pallet is meant for your eyes, but it'll make you salivate.
  • Inception of Beauty also has beautiful, soft and precise brush sets to perfect your makeup application. Be sure to check out their eyebrow pomade and lipsticks too.

It's time to celebrate your individuality and embrace the best version of yourself. Celebrate that by giving yourself the gift of Inception of Beauty.

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