High Quality at a Reduced Price

Hikari Cosmetics is a cruelty-free and PETA-certified company that aims at creating high-quality beauty products at a reduced price. Among the plethora of beauty products they offer, they stunningly combine complementary products for an easy, pulled-together look. Consumers can shop by looks or create their own with brilliant selections of eyeshadow, blush, lip gloss, contouring crayons and more.

Create a Flawless Finish With Luxurious Makeup and Contouring

Pressed Silica Powder provides a stay-put look that stays looking natural and flawless all day long. This high-definition finishing powder helps to blur out pores and fine lines to create a flawless finish. Pressed Silica Powder is suitable for all skin types.

You're going to absolutely fall in love with the Contouring Kit. The Contouring Kit comes in three shades to create the perfect dimensions you want to achieve on your face. Use one of three crayons to draw lines on your desired features. Each contouring crayon blends easily so no one will even know you contoured your face.

Bold, Beautiful Colors

Your eyes can be as expressive as you want them to be with Hikari Cosmetic's eyeliner, which is a mechanical eyeliner so you can easily twist out the desired amount. It glides on with a smooth formula to provide bold and consistent color. You will love all of their colors: "Coconut," "Coffee," "Ocean," "Orchid," "Raven," "Storm," and "Yacht."

Dual Color Sticks make it possible to paint beautiful color on your lips and cheeks to create a soft, rosy appearance. It's lightweight and provides a soft finish. It can be used to add color, create definition or highlight your cheeks and lips. It's available in five delicious colors: "Delicate," "Dusk," Lace," "Pinot" and "Tawny."

Hikari's beautiful colors, formulas and methods of makeup application will make you excited about getting ready in the morning or when you're going out. Create your perfect look with a combination of Hikari Cosmetics products that is truly unique to you.

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