What Is Gua Sha?

Gua sha is very popular right now as a form of facial massage that can literally transform your face. Originally meant to treat an assortment of ailments over the whole body, gua sha involves scraping to massage and remove ailments from the body with different tools. Some have used coins, which is where the term "coining" comes from. Gua sha, or coining, helps to flush out sickness, pain and anything else that affects the body. It’s been around for a couple of million years (since the Paleolithic era and was systematically recorded in medical records during the Ming Dynasty), but it has taken the beauty world by storm because it shows to be an effective way to encourage lymphatic drainage, draws out toxins, increase circulation, relieve tired muscles, smooth out wrinkles and more. You might have seen it referred to as the “Eastern facelift” or “Eastern Botox” as well, but it’s clear to see why this form of treatment remains popular.

The Benefits of Scraping Massage Therapy

The benefits of gua sha are vast. When you consider that it basically helps to move fluids and toxins, smooth out areas of skin and muscle and increase circulation, you’re looking at every benefit that stems from those factors. In the instance of moving fluids and toxins, you can help to decrease puffiness under the eyes, decrease sagging on hooded eyes, decrease bloating in the face and help to push out toxins from the face. Increasing circulation also helps with bloating, but it helps to deliver precious blood and nutrients all over the face, improve acne and rosacea and correct some skin discolorations. Scraping helps to lift the skin, firm it and strengthen muscles. It can even help with melasma, age spots and other hyperpigmentation. Skin and muscles in the face become healthier and brighter as a result.

Ergonomic Stones Help With Your Face Treatment

The shapes of gua sha are ergonomic and are used in a manner according to their shape. The edge of the gua sha tool is used to gently scrape and glide against the skin, which means it needs to make steady contact according to the contours of the face. A slightly curved edge is well suited for the cheeks while the more jagged portion of a stone (forming the upper portion of a heart) works well against the jaw bone. The fin-shaped tool can be used against the lips. Use the shape that best makes contact with your face and neck.

Available in Rose Quartz, Jade and Amethyst

When considering the type of gua sha stone you want for your facial massage, consider the meanings of jade, rose quartz and amethyst.

Rose quartz, with its warming hue, immediately invokes a sense of tenderness and love. It helps to quiet jealousy, promote love and romantic feelings, and it helps to get rid of negative emotions that can cause the body a host of issues.

Jade in a gua sha stone promotes harmony and togetherness while increasing prosperity and success.

Amethyst is a stone that encourages inner strength, breaks down addictive behaviors and helps to turn negative energy into positive energy.

When you consider that Western medicine is relatively new compared to a system of healing that’s been used since the Paleolithic era, you question why it’s called “alternative” medicine. There’s no mistake why facial massage has taken over the beauty world. You can have the power of this massage and the tools in your home today. You just have to take advantage of the opportunity.

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