Beauty Named for the Elements

Eleman Beauty incorporates elements into their beauty products to deliver products people are proud and excited to use. Each pallet has high-quality eyeshadows that blend well and provide bold yet complementing contrast. Their products come in vegan and cruelty-free formulas that are without BHAs, BHTs, parabens, gluten and mineral oil.

Gorgeous Shades

Their Inferno pallet invokes fiery, warm tones in an assortment of colors. These colors include "Up in Smoke," "Glow," "Ember," "Illuminate," "Flame," "Blaze," "Burnin' Up," "Caliente" and "Toasty." This pallet complements those with brown, green and hazel eyes.

Their Zephyr pallet is all about light and breezy neutral berry tones, which makes these fun colors suitable for any skin tone. The colors included in this pallet are "Tempest," "Lilac Skies," "Breeze," "Exhale," "Moon Dust," "Glide," "Aerial," "Soaring" and "Luna." This pallet is well suited for those who have hazel or green eyes.

The Aqua pallet offers shimmery and matte eyeshadow colors that feature flickers of light dancing off moving waves. These colors include "Seashell," "Tiffany," "Sand," "Amalfi," "Milos," "Shallow," "H20," "Beta" and "Deep End." This pallet works well for those with brown or blue eyes.

Naturally, the Terra eyeshadow pallet features rich Earth toned colors of "Desert," "Brick," "Eden," "Aurora," "Sierra," "Phoenix," "Jasper," "Sahara" and "Willow." This pallet works well for those with green eyes. Use light and dark colors to contour the shape of your eyes. Shimmery colors add sparkle to your eyes while dark colors help to create illusion.

These elemental pallets offer bold colors suited for warm, cool and neutral skin tones. Each pallet offers nine compatible colors of each element. Have fun with one or get them all to create something truly unique.

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