The Long History in Each Henna Stencil Kit

Henna has been used extensively all over Asia and Africa and in parts of Europe for centuries. It is unclear where it originated as early accounts of its usage can be seen in China, India, present-day Turkey, Egypt and other parts of the world. However, the henna plant is native to Egypt. It also goes by the name "mehndi." Across the Middle East, Africa and India, brides wear henna on their hands and feet. It can be used to cool the body, treat headaches and soothe the nervous system when applied to strategic places of the palm. Earth Henna has several henna tattoo kits to choose from. Customers can choose kits according to their unique expression or with stencils.

Tattoos From the Fruit of the Jagua Tree

Jagua offers a darker pigment for the skin, and it stains the skin more quickly than henna. Several cultures from the Caribbean and South America have extensively used this dye and continue to use jagua fruit to temporarily pigment the skin with a blue-black dye. It is used all over the body: on the face, neck, arms, back and other parts of the body. Many people use it on the feet and around the ankles as well. Earth Henna's fair trade jagua tattoo kit can be used and stored easily for several weeks.

Fun for Many Occasions

Despite the geographical differences and uses between henna and jagua in the past, you can have the best of both worlds and combine the two to create something unique and beautiful. Mix the two to create freestyle designs or with the use of a stencil. Either can be used for extensive body painting or to create intricate lines and designs over the feet, hands, arms, legs and back. You can also create beautiful tattoo rings or use it on your face. Consider using henna to naturally tint your eyebrows. Weddings, concerts, a day out at the beach and day to day life are all perfect occasions for henna and jagua temporary tattoos.


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