The Importance of Active Ingredients

It shouldn’t be much of a surprise that such an innovative brand aimed at perfecting natural beauty formulas would be born out of Germany. Far before the current movement in combining nature and beauty, Dr. Michael Babor realized this importance in 1955, which is when he created the HY-ÖI® cleanser. It continues to be one of their best-selling formulas.

A fellow devotee of natural beauty, Dr. Leo Vossen, bought BABOR in 1956 and has continued to make groundbreaking formulas--many of which have won awards. For example, they were awarded the Best Exfoliating Cleanser 2014. They were also the first to effectively provide protection against skin cancer in their sunscreen. Through a combined effort between in-house scientific skincare research and renowned universities, BABOR creates groundbreaking research results for the highest active ingredients. Their estheticians seek custom-made treatments for individualistic issues to deliver maximum results. They create cruelty-free formulas that are tested on volunteers under medical supervision.

They are also stewards of the environment. They exclusively use natural energy, all of their products are shipped from Aachen in a carbon-neutral manner, and their advertising materials are printed on FSC-certified paper.

The Ground-Breaking Age ID Line of Anti-Aging Products

Centered on combining nature and beauty with maximum efficiency, BABOR infuses anti-aging properties in cosmetics to instantly and naturally provide beautiful results. For instance, the Perfect Finish Foundation can be used wet or dry. Use either a dry sponge for lighter coverage or a moist sponge for maximum coverage. You can also use a brush. It is offered in four different shades to easily and perfectly match individual skin tones. It leaves the skin feeling soft and silky, yet it provides an all-day matte finish.

The Premium Doctor BABOR Line of Skincare

The Refine Cellular Couperose Dual Solution was designed specifically to target couperose; however, it can be used as both a serum and a primer. It works to create a more even skin tone by calming it and providing green pigment. Green pigment in the serum helps to even out reddened skin while horse chestnut extract helps to balance the skin’s moisture. After cleansing skin, apply this serum and primer. Afterward, apply Refine Cellular Couperose Cream.

Give your skin what it needs with BABOR's unique formulas that were specifically designed with you, nature and your beauty in mind.

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